Remy Hair Extensions UK

Remy Hair Extensions in the UK….., what are they?

There are a few different terms used in the hair extension world that can leave you feeling a bit confused when choosing your new extensions. Remy or remi hair extensions is probably the term that is most overused and misunderstood. Hopefully we can resolve any confusion in this article and have you feeling confident about what it really means to have remy hair extensions.

How the meaning has changed

Over the years the description of the word remy has changed and many companies now misuse it, which has lead to all of the confusion. Years ago it did mean that the hair would of not been processed or chemically treated in any way and all of the hair would be aligned (now referred to as ‘virgin’ hair). These days however, it simply means that all of the hairs are facing the same direction – from root to tip. This prevents tangling and gives the hair a gorgeous silky and smooth-to-the-touch feel.

The reason the title “remy hair extensions” ended up changing was because more and more European and American women were seeking high quality, light coloured extensions, so the remy hair was needing to be dyed lighter colours to keep up with demand. Remy hair these days is still of high quality but just doesn’t last quite as long as virgin remy hair.

Know the difference

If you still can’t picture the difference between remy and non remy hair extensions, just imagine cutting a bulk of hair from a ponytail. If you run your fingers through it from from root to tip it would feel lovely and smooth. Now imagine running your fingers through it from tip to root – it wouldn’t feel very smooth at all.

If you had hair that had been collected from a salon floor rather than a donor, the hairs would be all mixed up so you would have some facing the right way and some that weren’t. It wouldn’t feel as silky as remy hair and it would fray and tangle easily.

So to sum up – Non remy hair extensions are the cheapest as it contains hair facing in different directions and isn’t soft. It has been processed and dyed and doesn’t last as long as remy or virgin remy hair. Remy hair contains strands that are all aligned to the direction of natural growth. Some remy hair is processed and/or dyed and when it isn’t and is collected from one donor it is referred to as virgin remy hair. This is the most expensive and durable hair you can buy, often lasting years.

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