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Human Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions can come in many textures, lengths, qualities & variations, we are going to briefly explain some of the options with human hair extensions to give you a good insight so you can make the right choice for you before you purchase.


Firstly, you want to decide whether you would like your human hair extensions in as a semi permanent choice or if you would like to insert and remove them as often as you like. If you would like to wear them all the time and don’t mind the hassle of washing and drying/styling them then you should definitely go for them professionally applying. There are many different ways they can be applied and this can be done with the hair either split into strands (small bunches) and each strand inserted or the human hair extensions can be inserted in wefts. If inserted as strands, they can be applied by using fusions bonds (glue), micro rings or nano rings and if inserted in wefts they are usually sewn in. It is lovely having the semi permanent human hair extensions, however they can be a very pricey purchase initially and then there is the maintenance appointment costs to consider which are usually every 6-8 weeks. Another downside is the extra time it will take you to wash and dry your hair. This at first seems like not much of a big deal but over time can be slightly annoying and so the novelty of your new luscious locks can wear off. This is why clip in human hair extensions are a great option as you can just easily remove and apply in minutes without any hassle or damage to your natural hair.


Next to consider with your human hair extensions is the texture of the hair. You can find human hair extensions in wavy, straight or curly variations and it can originate from many different countries. Depending on your own hair type depends on which type of hair would be best for your own, below we have explained a few of the different variations to give you an idea as to which kind of human hair extensions are best for you.


European (or Russian) and Malaysian hair

These types are a fab choice if you have fine hair to start with and just want to add more length and a little volume. This kind of hair takes to colour very easily and is quite light in density. This type of human hair extensions is usually of high quality and therefore the most expensive.


Brazilian hair

This hair type is often favored by wholesalers as it is so versatile and can blend well with nearly all different hair types. This hair is generally medium in thickness and can come in natural dark brown and light brown/dark blonde shades.


Indian and Chinese hair

These are a great choice if you have naturally dark and thick hair. It can be used on all hair types as it can be dyed but can look a bit unnatural against a naturally fine hair type. It is quite thick and coarse in texture so does not feel as soft as European or Brazilian hair so tends to be cheaper.


When looking at the quality of your human hair extensions you have to remember that you do get what you pay for so generally the more expensive the hair, the better the quality will be. If you are after high quality human hair extensions then make sure the hair is Remy and keep in mind the more ‘A’s’ that are in its grade, the more full length hairs there in the weft and therefore there is less chance of shredding happening quickly. If you are after the most expensive top of the range hair then the previous qualities need to be taken into account and the hair must also be ‘virgin’ meaning that it is taken from one donor and has never been chemically styled or dyed in any way.

Hopefully this article has given you plenty of information so you can make an educated decision when buying your human hair extensions, however if you do have any further queries then you can contact our friendly team who will be more than happy to help you out.



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