Clip In Hair Extensions FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions


What are Clip In Hair Extensions?

Clip in hair extensions are the fab alternative to permanent hair extensions. They can be clipped in and out within minutes so are great for lengthening and volumising your hair without having to commit to the care and price tags or sewn in, micro ring or fusion bonded hair extensions. They are virtually undetectable and and cause no damage to the hair unlike some other hair extension methods.

How do the hair extensions stay in?

The extensions stay in by being clipped underneath sections of your natural hair with small combs that are on snap on clips. Once in place the clips cannot be seen and they include a silicone insert that gently grips onto the hair without causing any damage or movement.

How long do the take to put in/remove?

The clip in hair extension are literally inserted in minutes and can be removed safely within a matter of seconds! Please refer to our ‘how to’ videos for more detailed information on how to insert and remove them.

How long does my own hair need to be to use clip in hair extensions?

There is no rule to this, however we generally find that shoulder length or slightly shorter hair is the least it needs to be to make the extensions look as natural as possible. We do have plenty of customers though with shorter hair that still wear and love them!

How long will the extensions last?

We do use 100% Remy human hair for our extensions so they are of highest quality and can last upto 2 years if looked after properly. If not treated well and constantly styled or dyed they will only last between 4-6 months so it is upto you to get their full usage and life span.

Which type of hair do you provide?

We only use the highest quality 100% Remy human clip in hair extensions for all our products. Our team of experts have searched far and wide for the silkiest hair for the best prices so we are sure you will not be disappointed with your new extensions and will feel like a million dollars wearing them!

What is ‘Remy’ hair?

The term ‘Remy’ means ‘cuticle correct’. This means that every hair is hand picked and aligned in the same direction to keep the hair smooth, shiny and tangle free.

Can I style the extensions with heat styling tools (straighteners, tongs, hair dryers etc)?

Of course! As the clip in extensions are 100% Remy human hair they can be styled however you like. As with your own hair, don’t have the tools too hot so as not to damage the hair and always use a good quality heat protection spray.

Should I shampoo the hair, and if so how often?

Yes, you should clean your hair extensions every so often. Please refer to our ‘How to look after your hair extensions’ page for more information.

Can I colour the hair extensions?

You can colour the hair extensions but try to avoid dyeing them if possible to reduce any damage. If you do need to at some point then dyeing hair darker rather than lighter is usually easier and less damaging to hair. Always try and use a good quality hair dye and make sure you test a small area or hair first.

I have really thick hair, which type of hair is best for me?

For thick hair we do recommend our double weft or deluxe double weft clip in hair extensions as you may find the single weft ones too fine compared to your own hair, therefore making the extensions look less natural.

When will I receive my order?

If ordered before 2pm, your order will be shipped out the same day and you will receive your order the next working day. For orders outside of the UK you would receive your order 3-5 working days after payment is received.  


If you have any more queries or concerns, contact our friendly team on (+44) 0203 859 7333 or drop them an email at and someone will be in touch within 24 hours.