Human Remy Hair Extensions UK


The different types of hair we offer

Unsure which is hair is best for you? Have a read through the descriptions below to help you choose. All of our hair is silky 100% Remy human hair and can be styled however you like, so whether you are after 16” single weft or 24” deluxe double weft there is something for everyone!

Full head single weft

Having single weft clip in hair extensions means that a single weft of hair is used in each piece that you clip in. This makes it perfect for for adding length and volume to fine and medium hair, giving it an extremely natural look and still keeping a lower price tag.Our single weft hair extensions come in a range of colours and include 7 pieces with 15 clips that will stay in place all day and night.

Full head double weft

Our double weft hair extensions are amazing for bigger and bouncier hair. Created by sewing 2 wefts of hair on top of eachother, they are our most popular selling product as they create glamorous volume and do not feel heavy. Again using 7 pieces with 15 clips, they are super easy to apply and can completely transform your look in minutes!

Full head deluxe double weft

Have voluminous, luxury hair in an instant with our deluxe double weft hair extensions. These are the thickest set we offer and if looked after properly will last you years! With an amazing 10 weft pieces you will feel like a celebrity the second you put these on and will receive compliments on their silkiness and volume everywhere you go!

Ombre hair extensions

The word ‘ombre’ comes from the French word ‘shadow’. Ombre hair transitions gradually from a darker colour at the roots to a lighter sunkissed look on the ends. It’s a really beautiful look when done right but can look awful when done badly. All of our ombre hair extensions are available in any type of hair and blend lovely rather than some that can look like two separate blocks of colour.

If you still have any questions or concerns, contact our friendly team on 0203 859733 or and they will point you in the right direction.