Simple Tips To Prevent Greasy Hair

No matter how clean my hair seems when I go to sleep I always tend to wake up with greasy hair the next day, and it drives me mad!! If you have the same problem and get super annoyed at those friends whose hair still looks lovely and fresh after a week of not washing it, then try following our tips below to keep your hair looking cleaner and bouncier for longer.


Don’t play with your hair!


Try not to play around with your hair or scratch at your scalp too much as this transfers oil from your fingertips onto your hair making it look greasier than it should be. This seems like a simple tip but it will surprise you the amount of times we touch our hair/head throughout the day without even realising it.


Don’t overwash your hair!


This seems like a strange one because we obviously wash our hair to clean out any greasiness, however washing your hair everyday can actually make it worse. This is because washing your hair daily can strip your scalp of it’s natural oils which will make it then produce more to overcompensate. Try cutting your washes back to 2 – 3 times a week and you will start noticing a difference within a couple of weeks.


Lay off the conditioner!


Now of course we already know that conditioning your hair is very important to prevent dry hair and split ends so it does need to be a part of you hair care routine. If you have greasy hair though, just use a lightweight conditioner.on the ends of your hair and always make sure you have rinsed it out  thoroughly to avoid any nasty product build up.


Stick to lightweight styling products


When it comes to styling your hair, try to purchase products that have a lightweight formula. Any products that create shine or moisture are a big no no, but dry shampoo is great to use before styling to get your hair looking fresh again. Also when using any heat styling tools, try not to use them too close to the root as this will cause the scalp to sweat, making the hair look greasy.


Purchase a clarifying shampoo


Clarifying shampoos are great for getting rid of any product build up that you may have. Sometimes if left we can end up with lots of product build up that even washing your hair with normal shampoo isn’t helping your hair to look clean. Using a clarifying shampoo 3 – 4 times a  month will prevent this from happening and keep the hair and scalp looking and feeling fresh and healthy.


So to recap, try not to touch you hair, only wash it around 2 – 3 times a week, use only lightweight products and use them sparingly and give your hair a good deep clean 3 – 4 times a month with a clarifying shampoo. Stick to these basic rules and you should see a difference in absolutely no time at all!

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