Essential Hair Care Tips

When taking care of our hair and scalp there are many different rumours we come across regarding what to do and not what to do. It may sound silly but I find that just sticking to the basics is the best route to go down as you don’t want to mess too much with your hair to keep it naturally healthy.

Look after your scalp!

First of all, make sure your scalp is in goo condition as of course an unhealthy scalp leads to unhealthy hair. If you ever feel you have a flaky, itchy scalp then make sure you use a clarifying shampoo to remove any product build up and regularly massage a soothing oil to calm and invigorate.

Don’t forget to condition…..

Maintaining moisture levels in our hair after washing is super, super important! Washing hair alone can dry out hair which can cause split ends and breakage which of course leads to hair that looks frizzy and doesn’t seem to grow!

…..And deep condition!

Once a week, put a little extra time apart in the shower/bath to deep condition your hair. A nice hair mask combed through and left for 10 minutes is all that’s needed for super silky hair. If you tend to have naturally greasy hair and are worried about making it worse then just apply the mask to the very ends of the hair to prevent split ends and breakage.

Get regular trims!

A quick trim of your ends will instantly make your hair look and feel healthier and will actually help your hair to grow quicker! This is because if you keep on top of any of those nasty split ends they won’t have chance to move up the strand and break higher up. A little trim once every 6 weeks is ideal but can be left a couple of weeks longer for hair that is healthier to start with.

Keep the heat down!

As we all know, applying excessive heat to your hair regularly can cause some serious damage, but a world without our favourite heat styling products just seems like a frizzy mess that we don’t want to be a part of! Always make sure that before styling you use a good heat protection spray and keep the heat down to as low as possible and use them as little as possible!

Follow these simple rules and you should see almost immediate differences and end up with those silky luscious locks you have always longed for!

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