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About Hair Extensions Direct

The Clip In Hair Extensions Specialists

At Hair Extensions Direct we have shopped far and wide to find the best quality synthetic and human hair extensions for the most competitive prices. We stock a wide selection of colours, ranges and lengths so there is always a perfect set of clip in hair extensions to suit your needs.

Hair Extensions in the old days

The use of hair extensions dates all the way back to the early days of Ancient Egypt. Both men and women would use hair extensions or wigs to portray a more chic appearance thus creating an image of wealth. Fast forward to the 17th century and wigs in all shapes, sizes and lengths were being created and worn amongst the wealthy and even royalty. In the 19th century Great Britain then imported approximately 102 tonnes of hair from France to accommodate the changing fashions which included hair extensions using wigs. Hair extension weaves didn’t become popular until until the 1950’s and even then were mostly used by celebrities.

UK Fashion & Hair Extensions Today

These days the clip in hair extension market is booming and there are many different methods and variations to suit all hair types. These methods include : clip in hair extensions, fusion bond hair extensions, micro or nano ring hair extensions or the classic weave extensions which can be applied in a number of ways. At Hair Extensions Direct we focus mostly on the clip in variety but are looking at stocking other options in the near future.

Choosing Clip in Hair Extensions for you

When choosing your clip in hair extensions a very important factor is deciding on which type (or grade) of hair you would like. Seemingly the more expensive hair is of better quality and so will last longer and be more durable. However at Hair Extensions Direct our synthetic hair is of high quality and all our hair extensions have been tested by our team of experts to ensure we have the most luxurious of products for our customers.

Synthetic hair does not contain any human hair and can be purchased in wefts or single strands. Synthetic hair is a much less expensive alternative to than human clip in hair extensions and if cared for properly can last 6 months or more. Just be aware however that they are not as easy to keep tangle free and can be damaged after exposure to heat styling products. Human hair extensions however, can last for a good couple of years with the correct aftercare, and can be washed, styled or dyed however you like. This makes them to better option as in the course of that couple of years you would maybe go through 4-5 sets of synthetic ones making them not any cheaper!

Human clip in hair extensions are measured from grade A all the way up to AAAAAA+. The A-AAAAAA+ grading is basically measuring the thickness of the hair extensions, so the more A’s the longer the hair is likely to last you before becoming fine. This is because the more A’s there are , the higher the percentage of full length hairs there are as opposed to varied length hairs. Typically, single drawn wefts of hair extensions would be measured at around A and double drawn hair extensions would be AAAA+ or higher.

When choosing human hair extensions the other thing to take into account is what nationality the hair is. For example Indian hair tends to be the cheapest as it is courser but is great if you want dark and very straight hair. Brazilian hair usually ranges from black to light brown and can be straight, wavy or curly with a mid price range so is usually most popular. Russian clip in hair extensions are the most expensive as it is usually the silkiest and varies from light blonde to medium brown. Of course all of these human hair extensions can be dyed, however be aware that if you are purchasing ‘virgin’ hair this means it has never been treated before so is of the best quality and will last you the longest. 

Why Hair Extensions Direct?

All of our clip in hair extensions at Hair Extensions Direct are ethically sourced meaning that it has full consent from the living donor. Some donors will donate for religious reasons, others (especially in Russia) will sell for a good price and even stick to strict diets to ensure their hair is of the highest standard. All hair at Hair Extensions Direct undergoes rigorous washing and disinfection procedures before been sold to our customers so you never need to worry about the cleanliness of any of our products.

At Hair Extensions Direct all of our lovely hair extensions come in variety of different colours. We even stock highlighted and ombre hair so there is sure to be a perfect match for everyone. Choosing the right colour yourself can be tricky at times so we offer a free colour match service to try ensure you get the right colour for you first time everytime. If you believe you have a hair colour that we do not stock hair extensions for drop our friendly team an email and we will see if we can order that in for you.

Hair Extensions Direct focuses 100% on customer satisfaction and we will always strive to ensure that our customers are completely happy with their purchase. If for whatever reason you are not 100% satisfied with your order you may return the hair unopened in its original packaging within 14 days for an exchange or refund.